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Theresa Lambert is a professionally trained semi-permanent makeup artist and EliminInk tattoo removal specialist , licensed esthetician, and perfectionist!   Permanent Makeup is a safe alternative to applying makeup every day.  You can save over 100 hours per year, the hassle of drawing your eyebrows and eyeliner evenly without smearing, and the cost of expensive cosmetic products.  More makeup can be applied over permanent cosmetics for a more dramatic "special occasion" look.  Pigments are placed IN the skin, not ON the skin, so the color will fade over time as your skin exfoliates.  Wearing SPF and not using Retinol or prescription strength exfoliants will help prolong results.  Theresa will evaluate your skin, thoroughly discuss color, technique, and placement  of pigment.  Permanent makeup is the perfect option for someone with cosmetics allergies, thin eyebrows or eyelashes, arthritis, shaky hands, poor vision, skin conditions such as vitiligo, mastectomy patients, active lifestyle, or little time to apply makeup. 

 A  test patch of the pigments chosen will be inserted into a tiny area two weeks prior to treatment in order to determine potential allergic reactions.  Allergic reactions are very rare and occur in 1 out of 200,000 + patients treated with permanent makeup pigment.  After a negative test patch is confirmed, the patient will require one to two treatments to set the pigment into place.  Anesthetic gels and pastes are used to make you more comfortable during the procedure.

When choosing a permanent makeup artist, it is imperative that you do you feel comfortable with the shape, color, and placement of your permanent makeup, as well as the licensing, training, and certifications specific to permanent makeup artists.  Pigments are integral to the success of your finished result.  Only pigments specifically designed for permanent makeup should be used due to the delicate skin and depth of the procedure of the facial area.  

EliminInk Tattoo Removal is a revolutionary method of ink extraction developed to remove tattoos quickly, easily and permanently. There are many benefits to using EliminInk over other methods of tattoo removal. The EliminInk tattoo removal treatment is less painful and faster than other treatment methods. In many cases the EliminInk treatment is more effective than laser and requires fewer sessions to obtain satisfactory results. Aftercare is simple and only requires that the patients follow a short set of instructions.

The EliminInk tattoo removal system works much like the original tattooing process, but instead of ink, it uses a solution formulated to bond with the original tattoo ink that draws the ink to the skin’s surface. DermRenu, a scar inhibitor, is contained in the EliminInk product to help minimize or prevent scarring. DermRenu is also sent home with you as part of the aftercare treatment to aid in the natural healing process.

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Professionally Trained EliminInk Specialist

Professionally Trained EliminInk Specialist